Rising Consulting: Global Consulting catering Emerging Fund Managers to get established in India's First IFSC
Unlock the potential of India's thriving financial landscape. Rising Consulting offers comprehensive guidance to emerging fund managers seeking to establish a presence in the country's pioneering International Financial Services Centre (IFSC).
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About Us
Rising Consulting is a global advisory firm dedicated to empowering emerging fund managers seeking to establish a presence in India's pioneering International Financial Services Centre (IFSC). With our deep industry expertise and localized knowledge, we guide clients through the complexities of navigating this dynamic financial landscape.
Our Mission
  1. To be the premier advisory firm empowering emerging fund managers to thrive in India's vibrant IFSC ecosystem.
  1. Leveraging our deep industry expertise and local market insights, we guide our clients through the complexities of establishing a successful presence in this dynamic financial hub.
  1. Enabling our clients to navigate regulatory frameworks, optimize operations, and build robust risk management strategies for sustainable growth.
Our Vision
  1. To be the trusted partner that empowers emerging fund managers to thrive in India's pioneering IFSC ecosystem.
  1. Guiding our clients with strategic insights and innovative solutions to navigate the complexities of this dynamic financial landscape.
  1. Enabling our clients to capitalize on the vast opportunities presented by India's rapidly evolving IFSC, driving their sustainable growth and success.
Our Values
We are committed to the highest ethical standards, fostering a culture of trust and transparency.
We embrace creativity and continuously explore new ways to drive progress for our clients.
We strive for exceptional performance, delivering tailored solutions that exceed our clients' expectations.
We believe in the power of teamwork, leveraging diverse perspectives to achieve shared success.
Our Services
As your trusted partner, Rising Consulting offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the unique needs of emerging fund managers seeking to establish a presence in India's thriving IFSC ecosystem.
Fund Management Consulting
Elevate your fund management capabilities with our comprehensive consulting services. We'll help you navigate the complexities of India's IFSC, optimize operational efficiency, and implement robust risk management strategies for sustainable growth.
Regulatory Compliance
Navigating the intricate regulatory landscape of India's IFSC is critical for emerging fund managers. Our team of compliance specialists guides you through the complex requirements, ensuring your operations adhere to the latest rules and regulations.
We help you implement robust compliance frameworks, stay ahead of evolving policies, and mitigate regulatory risks - empowering you to establish and maintain a compliant presence in this dynamic financial hub.
Operations and Technology
Streamline your fund management operations with our cutting-edge technology solutions. We'll help you optimize workflows, enhance data management, and leverage innovative tools to drive efficiency and scalability.
Risk Management
Mitigate the complexities of operating in India's IFSC with our comprehensive risk management solutions. We help you identify, assess, and proactively address a wide range of financial, operational, and regulatory risks.
Our experts collaborate with you to build a resilient risk management framework, ensuring your fund remains agile and adaptable in the face of market volatility and emerging challenges.
Talent Acquisition
Securing the right talent is crucial for the success of any fund management operation in India's IFSC. We offer comprehensive talent acquisition services to help you build a high-performing team that can navigate the complexities of this dynamic financial hub.
Our recruiting experts leverage deep industry insights and extensive local networks to identify and attract top-tier professionals who possess the necessary expertise, experience, and cultural fit to drive your fund's growth in the IFSC.
Why India's IFSC?
India's International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) has emerged as a strategic global hub, offering unparalleled opportunities for emerging fund managers seeking to expand their presence in the rapidly growing Indian market.
Advantages of IFSC
  1. Favorable tax regime and regulatory environment to attract global investments
  1. Access to deep liquidity pools and advanced financial infrastructure
  1. Opportunity to tap into India's rapidly growing economy and emerging asset classes
Regulatory Framework
India's IFSC boasts a robust and well-defined regulatory framework, designed to attract global investors and fund managers. This framework is overseen by the International Financial Services Centres Authority (IFSCA), an autonomous regulatory body that ensures a transparent and business-friendly environment.
The IFSCA's regulations encompass areas such as licensing requirements, capital adequacy norms, reporting and disclosure standards, and anti-money laundering measures, all of which are aligned with international best practices.
Ease of Doing Business
Streamlined Incorporation
The IFSC offers a simplified and efficient process for setting up fund management operations, with minimal bureaucratic hurdles and rapid registration timelines.
Transparent Regulations
The IFSCA's well-defined regulatory framework provides clear guidelines and transparent compliance requirements, enabling fund managers to navigate the ecosystem with confidence.
Currency Convertibility
The IFSC allows for seamless currency conversion and capital repatriation, facilitating global fund flows and international business operations.
Favorable Business Environment
The IFSC's modern infrastructure, access to talent, and business-friendly policies create an attractive environment for fund managers to establish and grow their operations.
Talent Pool
Experienced Talent
Leverage India's deep pool of seasoned financial professionals, including investment managers, analysts, and compliance experts who are well-versed in navigating the IFSC's regulatory landscape.
Emerging Talent
Tap into the rapidly growing talent pipeline of skilled, tech-savvy professionals who are eager to drive innovation and growth in India's burgeoning financial services ecosystem.
Diverse Talent Pool
Benefit from the IFSC's cosmopolitan talent pool, which brings together professionals from diverse backgrounds, expertise, and cultural perspectives to fuel the growth of your fund management operations.
Our Expertise
At Rising Consulting, we leverage our deep industry knowledge and extensive experience to provide tailored solutions that empower emerging fund managers in India's IFSC. Our expertise spans diverse asset classes and investment strategies, enabling us to guide our clients towards sustainable growth.
Emerging Markets
Leverage our expertise in navigating the complexities of emerging markets to drive sustainable growth for your fund in India's IFSC. We help you capitalize on high-potential opportunities while mitigating associated risks, guiding you towards long-term success.
Our deep understanding of emerging market dynamics, regulatory environments, and investment trends equips us to devise tailored strategies that unlock value in these dynamic, fast-paced economies.
Alternative Assets
Our expertise extends beyond traditional asset classes, empowering you to explore the high-growth potential of alternative investments within India's IFSC. We help you navigate the complexities of real estate, private equity, hedge funds, and other alternative asset strategies to diversify your fund and drive superior risk-adjusted returns.
Leveraging our deep industry insights and extensive local networks, we guide you in identifying and capitalizing on the most promising alternative investment opportunities in this dynamic financial hub.
Private Equity
Leverage our expertise in the private equity domain to establish a successful fund management operation within India's IFSC. We guide you in identifying high-potential investment opportunities, conducting rigorous due diligence, and structuring deals that maximize returns for your investors.
Venture Capital
Our venture capital expertise empowers you to navigate the high-growth, high-risk world of early-stage investments within India's IFSC. We help you identify promising startups, structure optimal funding arrangements, and nurture their development to drive outsized returns.
Hedge Funds
Our expertise in hedge fund strategies empowers you to establish a thriving fund management operation within India's IFSC. We guide you in designing innovative, market-neutral investment approaches that harness the unique opportunities of this dynamic financial hub.
Our Clients
We are privileged to work with a diverse portfolio of emerging fund managers who have entrusted us to guide their success in India's IFSC. Our clients span a range of asset classes, investment strategies, and geographic focus, united by their ambition to capitalize on the unparalleled opportunities this dynamic financial hub offers.
Jatin Patel, Founding Partner
"Rising Consulting has been invaluable in guiding us through the complexities of establishing our fund in India's IFSC. Their deep industry expertise and personalized approach have been instrumental to our success."
Priya Kapoor, Chief Investment Officer
"The Rising Consulting team has an unparalleled understanding of the IFSC regulatory landscape. Their tailored solutions have helped us navigate the challenges and unlock new opportunities for our fund."
Aditya Sharma, CEO
"Working with Rising Consulting has been a game-changer for our firm. Their comprehensive support has allowed us to establish a thriving presence in the IFSC and achieve our growth objectives."
Our Team
Experienced and Dedicated Professionals
Our team is composed of seasoned industry veterans and rising stars, united by a passion for empowering emerging fund managers in India's IFSC. Together, we leverage our deep expertise to drive your success.
Visionary Leadership
Guided by our experienced leadership team, Rising Consulting is at the forefront of shaping the future of fund management in India's IFSC. Our executives bring a wealth of industry insights and strategic acumen.
Collaborative and Innovative
Our team embodies a spirit of collaboration and innovation, constantly exploring new ways to solve complex challenges and drive breakthrough solutions for our clients in India's IFSC.
Esteemed Advisory Board
Complementing our in-house expertise, our distinguished advisory board provides strategic guidance and industry insights to ensure Rising Consulting remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving IFSC landscape.
Vishal Sabhar, CEO
A seasoned finance professional with over two decades of experience, Vishal Sabhar leads Rising Consulting with a strategic vision and unwavering commitment to helping emerging fund managers thrive in India's IFSC.
Ankur Patel, Managing Director
Ankur Patel, our Managing Director, brings a wealth of expertise in navigating complex regulatory environments and designing tailored solutions to help our clients achieve their growth objectives in the IFSC.
Experienced Executive Team
Our executive leadership team comprises industry veterans with deep expertise in fund management, regulatory compliance, and strategic advisory, ensuring our clients receive the highest level of guidance and support.
Nilay Doshi
Our esteemed advisor, Nilay Doshi, brings decades of expertise in financial regulations and compliance, guiding us in navigating the complex IFSC landscape.
Bhavin Patolia
Bhavin Patolia, a seasoned investment strategist, lends his invaluable insights to our team, helping our clients capitalize on the unique opportunities within India's IFSC.
Distinguished Advisory Board
Our esteemed advisory board comprises renowned industry veterans who provide strategic guidance and thought leadership to ensure the continued success of our clients in the IFSC.
Strategic Partnerships
We collaborate with leading financial institutions, industry associations, and regulatory bodies to leverage our collective expertise and expand opportunities for our clients in India's IFSC.
Trusted Alliances
Our strategic partnerships with renowned financial firms allow us to offer our clients unparalleled access to global resources, cutting-edge technologies, and best-in-class solutions.
Collaborative Ecosystem
By fostering a dynamic ecosystem of partners, we ensure our clients benefit from a comprehensive suite of advisory services tailored to the unique requirements of the IFSC.

Integrated Approach
Our partnerships extend across the IFSC landscape, allowing us to deliver integrated solutions that address the multifaceted needs of our clients in this thriving financial hub.

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Reach out to our team of experts to learn how we can help your emerging fund management business thrive in India's thriving IFSC. Our dedicated consultants are ready to guide you every step of the way.
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Reach out to our dedicated team of consulting experts to learn how we can help your emerging fund management business thrive in India's vibrant IFSC. We're here to guide you every step of the way.
Exciting Opportunities at the Forefront of India's IFSC
Join our dynamic team and be a part of the transformative journey shaping the future of fund management in India's thriving International Financial Services Centre (IFSC). We're seeking driven professionals with a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence.
Diverse Roles to Empower Your Growth
  • Consultants: Leverage your financial expertise to guide emerging fund managers in navigating the IFSC's complex landscape
  • Regulatory Specialists: Apply your deep understanding of compliance to help our clients stay ahead of the curve
  • Technology Experts: Harness the power of cutting-edge solutions to drive operational efficiencies for our clients
Become a Part of Our Collaborative, High-Impact Culture
At Rising Consulting, you'll work alongside a team of industry veterans and subject matter experts, fostering a dynamic, innovative environment where your contributions can truly make a difference. Grow your skills, expand your horizons, and be a catalyst for the success of our clients in the IFSC.